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The Aylesbury Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meet Monthly Meetup

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Gaspode and Rita


Friendly meet for a drink and a meal if your peckish ..
We are back (subject to everything staying as it currently is regulations wise).

We have the usual area reserved for us right at the back of the pub (and it's a very long pub!).

Come along and say hi if your into any kind of SF/Fantasy ... REMEMBER TO RSVP so people will know you came in the future. For those wondering we generally have between 12 - 20 (regardless of RSVPs).

General format is sitting around chatting with a drink and eating if your hungry - the Pub is part of the Table Table chain so a good choice and goodish quality

We currently run to around 16 regular members and some other irregulars. A small but friendly bunch.

Photo of The Aylesbury Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meet group
The Aylesbury Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meet
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