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Robotics, A.I.- Latest Advances - And In Star Trek, Scifi- Dr. Kevin Knuth-SUNY


Hello folks:

-4-10-13 - Update from Dr. Knuth:

Robotic Explorers

Professor Kevin H. Knuth
Director of the Cyberphysics Laboratory at the University at Albany
President of Autonomous Exploration Inc.

As we become increasingly reliant on remote science platforms to explore both Earth's oceans and our Solar system,
the ability to autonomously and intelligently perform data collection becomes critical. I will provide a brief overview of the history of the idea of robots, and describe the advances and discoveries that our robot explorers have made in ocean and space exploration. In addition, I will discuss a new paradigm for automated scientific discovery and give a demonstration of a robot that performs its own experiments. Even more fun... our robots are some of the most intelligent LEGO creations in existence!

Since you are an avid sci-fi fan.
I should note that my talks are all on a new theory of emergent space-time.
We have shown that a network of events can only be quantified by the same mathematics that describes space and time. The result is that space-time need not be physical, but instead represents the unique way that one can picture a network of events. Here is an abstract from my talk in Santa Fe:
and a paper:

The relevance to Star Trek... in this theory, there is no space-time to warp!... only interactions, which allow for discrete transitions from one state ("place") to another.

At this meetup we will be exploring artificial intelligence, computers in Star Trek and other media Scifi. We will also be looking into what's going in reality and what's in store. Helping us to explore this will be our guest presenter - Dr. Kevin Knuth from S.U.N.Y. - Albany Thank you Dr. Knuth and a thank you to Dr. John Delano - S.U.N.Y. Albany who steered me in the right direction to bring Dr. Knuth to our group. He can being us up to speed about the A.I. with out space probes. Dr. Knuth has worked with N.A.S.A. Maybe he can being us up to speed with what's going on with SUNY's Nanotech College. What part are they playing in the computer industry? The most recent advances we have heard about has been with chips which are three dimensional and being fabricated from graphene. We know silicon is reaching it's limits. How far away are we from reaching the edge of Moore's Law? Where are we with quantum computers? There was recently an announcement with using human DNA as a model for computer processing? Is this something along the lines of bioneural circuitry we see with starships in Star Trek of the late 2360s and 2370s such as Starships Voyager, Enterprise E, etc?

This leads to with Star Trek - how come we don't see as much of interactive computers and androids? Humans have more control. Does this go back to the 21st and 22nd centuries as portrayed in Star Trek with fear of genetics, ie Eugenics Wars, Dr. Arik Soongh from Enterprise who was first into genetics and then went into artificial intelligence. In Star Trek in captain Kirk's time, we see how he stopped LANDRU, alien androids such as Ruk. and Dr. Roger Korby from Exo 3, stopped the M5 computer from destroying Federation starships. This was happening due to the engrams of Dr. Richard Daystrom of the Daystom Institute. He was a genius, but had his share of psychological problems.

In the 24th century, we have the android Data - designed by Dr. Noonien Soongh- descendent of Dr, Arik Soongh. Data seems to be the android who has done the best. We have had B4, Lal, Data's mother - Dr. Juliana Tainer, Lore. In Star Trek Voyager, Voyager came across ships in the Delta quadrant manned by androids from a civilization which had organic beings and was wiped out in it's foolishness in dealing with it's AI's.

When we look at Battlestar Galactica from the late 1970s, we see these people being chased and attacked by the Cylons . The Cylons in this take of BG is presented as a separate civilization. In the version of Battlestar Galactica of 2004, Caprica, Blood and Chrome - By Ron Moore, he takes a different view. The Cylons arose from the 12 colonies. Their arrogance etc, led to their troubles with the Cylons advancing, becoming self aware, and wanting to be their own people. This led to Caprica and the colonies being wiped oit and survivors fleeing in en exodus to find Earth - 150,000 some odd years in our past.

So will we learn from Scifi about how to treat AI if and when they become aware?