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This Meetup is about FILM photography with PINHOLE cameras. You can buy a pinhole camera (i.e. Pinholga) but a Pinhole Jedi eventually builds their own. For the unequipped, there may be loaner cameras to try out. Camera construction, technique, film technica, life, the universe, and everything should be expected conversational subject matter as we stroll around a Seattle area neighborhood or attraction. Evening meetups will probably devolve into some kind of "spirited" fellowship, daytime meetups will start with coffee / pastries. Initially, I envision this occurring twice a month to start, one weekday evening, one weekend morning. I don't yet know how the scheduling works, but we shall collectively figure it out.

As always, photography show and tell encouraged and supported. Lenses, digital equipment welcome, but not primary focus (see what I did there?) of this meetup.

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Pinhole Day Meetup

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

Pinhole the Chicken Parade, Edison, WA


Close up Pinhole studio photography

Photographic Center Northwest

Spring is in the air!

Whidbey Pies Wholesale Bakery

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