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Meet other Scrabble fans to have fun, play games & socialize. Bring your turntable board & your 4th edition Official Scrabble Dictionary or current Official Word List if you have them, to games you sign up for.

Download SCORE SHEETS from the FILE tab -- scroll to the very bottom.You will find SCRABBLESCORESHEET there for your printing pleasure.

BLIMIE. QI. ZORN. DA. Which is the real Scrabble word?

We meet on Sundays at 1 pm, usually twice a month, and at other times. Our starting times are PROMPT! We meet in public restaurants and once in a while in our homes, because we like the relaxed social atmosphere. Sign up for games using the calendar feature.

Happily, we have been going strong for over four years now. Check out our photos, message board & files.

We welcome all ability levels. Except... sorry, we aren't tournament-oriented so we don't do chess clocks. Some of us are fairly competitive and others not so much. We sort ourselves out and have a great time.

"Policies" We try not to be too rule-ridden so there are only three:

1. Our reference dictionaries are the #4 Official Scrabble Dictionary and Official Word List. We accept "expurgated" (politically incorrect) words in the OWL.

2. A member who fails to show up for a game they signed up for in a member's home, and fails to give a timely phone call to the host explaining why, is officially considered RUDE. The Scrabble Diva will give them a lecture on courtesy. Nastiness and cheating are also RUDE. Ditto on the lecture. Repeated RUDENESS is grounds for removal.

3. A member who is inactive for six months will be removed with the option of joining again if they want.

'Nuff said! Let's play Scrabble!

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