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The last two meetups went really well, so let's try it again. Let's block out a sitcom pilot script. We're still experimenting with Thatchannel to try to make this into some sort of a tv show to be aired online. Heck, maybe we can write an actual sitcom that they can produce. But there I go daydreaming again. I'm also thinking of leaving a contribution or donation box or can or hat at the door to anonymously share our appreciation. If there's is a problem, it's that with the exception of a select few, our attendees vary wildly. What is it about writers, anyway? If any of the "Fiona" or "Zoo" pilot people show up, it probably isn't realistic to get anyone else up to speed fast enough, so I guess we'll just have to keep starting over and over again until we can get a cadre of regulars to agree to work together on one project. That being said, everything we do should be considered public domain, or occasionally open-source, so if you intend to rip us off and steal it all and make millions as a showrunner in Hollywood, then please, go right ahead. It wouldn't hurt to work on your scriptwriting skills with us though. That being said, I plan to put up a simple Google Doc so participants in "the room" can collaborate online 24/7 on the actual script. But that's only worth doing if we can achieve some simple level of consistency with attendance. So I look forward to seeing you, and hey, if far too many people actually show up, not everyone will be able to participate. If you're a beginner, or shy, or just late, then please sit quietly as the audience. To train scriptwriters to work on some of my own, long-overdue projects, I'll be hosting some weeknight film and television script writing skills bootcamps (7 to 9PM) in July and August. It'll be marketed to students at around $50 per week. Anyone I hire gets a refund, of course, and is then paid by the page or the hour. I'll be doing a 3 to 7PM trial for about six nights in mid- to late-June for about $20 per night, so keep checking for updates. If you're on a tight budget, I'll be glad to work help you out privately.

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