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What it takes to be a great Scrum Master (New listing)

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Ed W. and Brett M.


IMPORTANT - this is a new listing that replaces a previous listing, now marked as "Superseded". Please RSVP to this listing to attend Brett's session. For this meetup, we are running the experiment of charging a refundable fee to secure your RSVP. FAQs are posted at the end of this description.

DON'T PANIC…IT'S STILL FREE! You get your deposit back when you turn up.

Topic - What it takes to be a great Scrum Master

Description - Brett Maytom, a Professional Scrum Trainer will facilitate and coach on a Scrum Master. This interactive group discussion will explore Scrum Masters:

What is and is NOT the responsibility of a SM
What people get wrong
Personal learning paths
Selling yourself as a Scrum Master Brett will facilitate discussions and create a learning environment with group knowledge sharing.

Thank you to Envato for sponsoring the venue and catering (until June 2018), and to Tabar for organising and ongoing sponsorship.

FAQs about RSVPing for this meetup.

Q - Why are you charging to RSVP to this meetup?
A - Reasons include:

  • For various reasons, we have found that people were missing out because of people RSVPing "Yes" but not turning up.

  • With numbers always being variable, it's very difficult to cater for the event. We want to make sure that there is enough for everyone, but also to avoid over catering.

  • Facilitators and organisers of Meetups are volunteers. We want them to be sure that there will be a predictable turnout.

  • We wanted to start supporting some good causes

Q - So, this meetup isn't free anymore?
A - It's still free. When you walk through the door of the meetup, you will be ticked off a list and handed two $5 notes. You can keep them both, thereby making your attendance free. You can also choose to hand back one of the notes, or both of them.

Q - What will happen to the surplus $?
A - If there is no catering sponsor, some of the money will be put towards food and drink. Any funds left will be donated to a good cause.

Q - Who is the good cause?
A - For this experiment, the surplus funds will be given to Flying Robot School.

"an educational initiative aimed at encouraging kids at public schools in rural areas to create cool technology that serves a useful purpose, and to consider further study in STEM. We use flying robots to do this. The students learn how aerial robots work, how to fly them, and how to use them to solve challenging real-world problems."

A co-founder of FRS, is Pete Cohen, who is a member of this group.

The good cause may change, if this experiment proves successful and the RSVP system stays in place. We will keep the group updated about how much is going where.

Q - If I give you notice, can I get a refund?
A - Yes, if you give 24+ hours notice, you will receive a refund via Paypal.

Q - If I can't come because of an emergency, illness etc. and I give less than 24 hours notice, why can't I get a refund?
A - We want to make sure that all of the slots that are available are taken by people who really want to be there. We don't want people pulling out at short notice, so if you can't give more than 24 hours notice, the policy for now is not to refund.

Q - I'm curious/outraged/happy/upset. Who can I contact to talk about this?
A - Please feel free to message Ed Wong, using the messaging system.

121 King Street · Melbourne
8 spots left