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The purpose of this group is to establish a community of R users in the San Diego area. Let's get together and talk about R!

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March Mingle 2020 🎉

JULEP venue

March Mingle will be September Mingle this year. The event was postponed. Join us at a local tech event, March Mingle (https://marchmingle.com). One of the organizers reached out to us because the are specifically looking for some R community representation. Note: you will need tickets to attend this event. If you do attend, please let me know by RSVPing to this Meetup event and we can figure out a way to get together. From March Mingle: Come celebrate our kick-ass tech scene at March Mingle 2020, the largest networking event for San Diego’s tech and startup communities, and a reflection of the flourishing of innovation and collaboration that we’re experiencing right now in our fine city. Catch up with your geeky friends, make some new ones, and discover what’s new and cool in San Diego tech. TICKETS: ticketsauce.com/e/march-mingle-2020 Tickets are $25 and will sell out!

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