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SDiOS SIG #61 - Using External Sensors with iOS Handheld Apps

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Jeff R.


For this meeting, Mark Williamsen ( will present Using External Sensors with iOS Handheld Apps.

Mark will describe how iOS handheld devices can be programmed to perform stimulus/response measurements with good precision, using the built-in sound hardware to interact with external sensors. He’ll then show how client applications can obtain measurement data through a simple socket server running on the handheld. Coding will be in Objective-C using the AVAudioPlayer and AVAudioRecorder APIs.

Mark is a professional software developer writing embedded firmware for scientific instruments at Quantum Design, Inc ( He is a long-time fan of Apple technology, having written programs for various flavors of MacOS and derivatives spanning thirty years.

So come join us for great professional/social networking, to get to know your long-time fellow member Mark, and to learn about an interesting way to do an IoT (Internet of Things) interface on iOS devices!

6256 Greenwich Dr. · San Diego, CA