Past Meetup

Celebrate Spring With a "Walk Your Dog On Long Sands Beach in York, Maine."

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Let's meet at Long Sands Beach in York before the dog restrictions start up again! Brady loves to run off leach as are most other dogs on the beach. Do at your own discretion. This is a people friendly event so even if you don't have a dog come anyway! We'll walk for about an hour then those who would like to join me somewhere nearby for lunch are more than welcome. I figure this time of year it's not too cold, or hot, to leave the dogs in the car for an hour or so. The date is set. What is the interest, Folks??!!

OK so a few updates. I have made a reservation for 1200 at the Lobster Cove Restaurant (the walk is only about an hour) but we have to meet by 1045 so we can start promptly at 1100. Let's park across the street from the Lobster Cove to make it easy to just roll out to our cars, full of lobster or whatever, and take off. Separate checks are "no problem."

PLEASE indicate asap if you are planning to have lunch with us. I've put a limit of 15 people beCAUSE of lunch and if you won't be joining us someone else could be added to the luncheon (and walk) list.

The Lobster Cove is located just past the Trailer Park if coming from the south, which is the beginning of the sidewalk for walking. We'll also be on the beach and low tide is 10:53 am, PERFECT! If coming from the north we will be at the END of the beach, just before the trailer park. Wear appropriate clothing and water proof shoes as the forecast is only 33 degrees for a high on Sunday and it can be windy. Also there will be some very shallow "rivers" to cross. (No biggie believe me!!!)