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17 Jun 2014 : How I fought with XJC and won!

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The XML-Java binding tool xjc is most unforgiving if given an imperfect set of xsd files on input, and complains bitterly with a myriad of unfathomable error messages. Given a non-trivial set of xsd files representing an effort in the computer security arena to describe defenders, attackers and programs that do nasty things to your machine, I wrestled blindly with xjc to get this stuff to build. Then I took a step back, thought about the problem, and wrote a helper tool which preprocesses the xsd file set in such a way that xjc complains no more. As with all good tree/graph coding solutions, recursion is your friend!

Speaker: Stuart Maclean

Stuart Maclean works at the Applied Physics Laboratory at the UW. He codes in C (autonomous vehicles) and Java (computer security tools). A long-time Java fan, Stuart also teaches Java for the UW Professional and Continuing Education department. Python, just say no.

137 Park Lane, Suite 203 · Kirkland, WA