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Acting Concurrent with Java and Scala

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Concurrency is the key to application performance in the multicore era. Java 8 makes basic Java concurrency and parallelism easier, adding high-level concurrent programming constructs not available in earlier versions of Java. The open source Akka library ( for Java and Scala goes even further, providing both improved concurrency support within a system and scalability across distributed systems.

In this presentation you'll first get an overview of Java 8 concurrency features along with the Scala equivalents, then find out about the Actor model implemented by Akka and why it delivers great concurrency support. You'll see how Akka works from both the Java and Scala perspective, and also how Java and Scala can be used together in Akka to allow existing Java code to be converted to an actor model while taking advantage of simpler Scala control code. If you're interested in Scala but haven't yet found a reason to start using it for development, this just may give you the push you need! Finally, you'll see how to set up distributed systems in Akka.

Speaker: Dennis Sosnoski (
Dennis Sosnoski is a Java and Scala developer with a strong security background developed over many years of work on data communications and enterprise systems. His current projects include secure communications between mobile devices, Java/Scala data exchange and transformation tools, and enhancements to the Apache CXF web service project. Dennis was a regular at SeaJUG meetings when he lived in the area, and is looking forward to meeting up with everyone again while he's back in town.

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