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17 Mar 2015 - Will Iverson's Three Ring Circus

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For this session, Will Iverson will present three smaller talks, touching on the past, present, and future. Here's his description:

For the first mini-warmup talk, I'll bring my Oculus Rift DK2 and spend about 5-10 minutes talking about the developer experience, including some of the unique challenges presented by VR. Hint: I've never seen the word "nausea" used so many times in an SDK before. I'll have the Oculus set up in the back of the room for folks to play with.

For the second talk, I'll spend about 15 minutes doing a visual retrospective on twenty years of Java development. I first started working with Java back at Symantec when it was still called Oak. I'll share a few never-told stories about working at Apple, including meeting with Steve Jobs to discuss the future of Java on the Mac OS back in 1997. From AWT to EJB to Hibernate to Maven to bad haircuts, this will be a fun celebration of how cool things were back then to how much better things are now.

For the third talk, I'll be doing a technical deep dive on a new open source Java-based CMS. Most CMS packages are big, terrible enterprise affairs. We have been having fun working with BrightSpot CMS ( ) - and in this presentation we'll take a look at why.

Speaker: Will Iverson, CTO, Dev9 (

Will Iverson is the CTO of Dev9 (, a Kirkland, WA-based consulting firm focused on delivering software projects based on the principles of Continuous Delivery (Agile, CI, TDD, binary repositories, DevOps, etc.).

Will has been working in the computer and information technology field professionally since 1990. His diverse background includes developing statistical applications to analyze data from the NASA Space Shuttle, product management for Apple Computer, and developer relations for Symantec's VisualCafe. For nearly five years, Will ran an independent J2EE consulting company with a variety of clients including Sun, BEA, and Canal+ Technologies. He was Scrum Certified in 2004 by Ken Schwaber. Will worked for SolutionsIQ's Professional Services group as a Practice Director and General Manager, with clients including AT&T, T-Mobile, the State of Washington, and Microsoft.

Pizza and Pop will be provided by Tek Systems and I will be video-taping the meeting.

925 4th Ave, Suite 400 · Seattle, WA