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21 Days of Vaadin

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Vaadin ( is a web application framework for Java. Vaadin features a complete stack that includes a robust server-side programming model as well as client-side development tools based on GWT and HTML5.

With almost no experience in Vaadin, I spent 21 days building a web application. I will cover all my successes and setbacks along the way with a focus on the Developer Experience: learning a new framework, how long does it take to get up and running, Integration with existing Java frameworks. If you're interested in building UI's and have found it difficult to get started with a new language or IDE ... Vaadin might be what you have been looking for.

Speaker: Nolan Clayton (, Sr Software Developer, Simply Measured (

Nolan Clayton is a Sr Software Developer at Simply Measured ( A Seattle, WA based company that delivers the most complete social analytics solution, empowering marketers with unmatched access to their social data to more clearly define their social strategy and to optimize their tactics for maximum impact.

Nolan relocated to Washington a year ago from Texas. He has been developing with Java for around 10 years. He is currently building java web services using Spring Boot, JPA (Hibernate) and RabbitMQ. He also maintains several internal tools built on Java Swing and C# (Excel Add-in).

Pizza and Pop will be provided by TekSystems and I will be video-taping the meeting.

925 4th Ave, Suite 400 · Seattle, WA