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Leveraging lessons from the Cloud

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Whether you're creating applications for public/private/hybrid clouds or your own data center, truly understanding what makes an application scalable/reliable/maintainable and even portable between these environments will add a powerful arsenal of tools to your belt.

We'll go from concepts and design patterns to a number of existing tool and library implementations that can be leveraged immediately, including: Kubernetes, Docker, Etcd, CoreOS, HazelCast, and Hystrix.

Finally we'll step back and speculate on where things could be headed next.

Speaker: Jayson Raymond

Jayson Raymond is an independent consultant focused on bringing Cloud and Mobile technologies to enterprises. 30 years of software development, with 20 in Java, his clients have included Sprint, AT&T, Costco, Disney, and T-Mobile among others. His passion for technology led him to being a founding member of SeaJUG and Mobile Monday Seattle.

Pizza and Pop will be provided by Tek Systems and I will be video-taping the meeting.

925 4th Ave, Suite 400 · Seattle, WA