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Shared IO State in Distributed API Architecture

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The API pattern is broken. In distributed architectures, it binds IO functionality/data to business functionality by binding IO state either through annotation (ie JAX) or by extending a RestfulController and, as a result, the data/functionality associated cannot be shared with the architectural instances because it is bound to the controller. This creates architectural cross cutting concerns not only with the functionality and data. By abstracting the functionality, we can thus abstract the request/response data (ie IO State) and create a versioned data object for that can be shared,cached,synced,reloaded on the fly for all architectural instances without having to restart any instance. This greatly improves automation, performance and flow of api applications and architecture.

Speaker: Owen Rubel

Original member of Amazon (95-98), developer of API Abstraction, API Chaining and shared I/O State, author of several API Plugins including Grails API Toolkit, developer at Apple, Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft and others. Ex-military intelligence, ex-comic book publisher, ukulele afficionado, monkey hunter and currently consulting at Dev9.

Pizza and Pop will be provided by Tek Systems and the meeting will be video-taped.

925 4th Ave, Suite 400 · Seattle, WA