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20 Oct 2015 : Continuous Delivery with Hippo CMS

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Hippo ( is an open-source Java content management system built on theApache Jackrabbit ( project. It has a simple maven build process and streamlined development workflow, with multiple presentation options and scalable architecture. This presentation shows how to configure your build pipeline for a Hippo CMS project using continuous delivery methodology.

Topics covered will include: Code and Content Migration Paths, Local Development, Testing Strategy, Continuous Integration, Dockerized deployment, Metrics and Monitoring. We'll show working examples from code, covering everything you need to take a project from archetype to production.

Speakers: David Drake and Gabe Hicks, (

David Drake is a continuous delivery advocate with ten years of experience in development and testing. He has lead development and testing efforts for core applications in the fields of hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment. His primary fields of expertise are Java, build-pipeline automation, test architecture, content management systems, and micro services. David is most passionate about simplifying development processes, writing clean code, automating repetitive tasks, and mentoring developers.

Gabe Hicks started with Java and web development in 1999. His expertise is in Java, Spring, system integration, web technologies, and leading software teams. Gabe has led teams in planning and design of solutions for companies in fields such as health care, timber, communications, and entertainment. Since joining Dev9, he has built core applications for Group Health, Precor, and very large consumer systems.

Pizza and Pop will be provided by Tek Systems and I will be video-taping the meeting.

925 4th Ave, Suite 400 · Seattle, WA