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Applying Clojure to Application Development

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Over the past couple of years, our team at Base2 Solutions implemented a software-based onboard diagnostic system for the Boeing 737 MAX. This system monitors over 6,000 fault conditions to inform the maintenance crew of issues with the aircraft as they occur.

For this project we opted to use Clojure, an alternative language that compiles to JVM byte code. This talk will go into both the advantages Clojure offered the project and the realities involved in getting a product to production.

Topics will include:

• Clojure's principles of immutability and use of Software Transactional Memory.

• Reactive programming using event-based streams.

• Java/Clojure interop -- you don't have to leave your Java libraries behind!

• Packaging and deployment.

Speaker: Tim Clemons

Tim Clemons is a software developer at Base2 Solutions, where he has been applying Clojure to the implementation of an avionics maintenance system. He lives on Vashon Island with his wife, two children and assorted other creatures.

925 4th Ave, 4th Floor · Seattle, WA