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APM for Dev-Ops - So Much More than just a Breakfast Food

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When most people hear "APM" they think of Application Performance Management, but only in an operational context.

But that leaves out the opportunity to track and resolve application behavior issues at the earliest possible point in the SDLC, the Unit Test level.

Why not?

Wouldn't it be great to be automatically notified when your test cases behave different based on more than just Response time, such as CPU Usage, trips to the database, and other obscure KPIs? All automatically, for every build, every Unit Test Execution, every time.

Come watch Joe Hoffman explain the benefits of and how such an approach can be utilized to eliminate many application bugs even before the code ever sees the light of Operations.

Speaker: Joe Hoffman

Joe Hoffman has been designing, building and debugging Enterprise Applications for over 30 yrs. He currently specializes in resolving complex performance problems for large enterprise customers across the US region. He holds a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Software Engineering and is a Dynatrace APM Certified Master. When not walking his dogs, he can be found racing sailboats anywhere from Portland to Vancouver BC.

925 4th Ave, 4th Floor · Seattle, WA