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18 Oct 2016: Using Thymeleaf as a templating language for Java web MVC

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Thymeleaf is a customizable server-side Java template engine that uses natural templating, templating that is plain HTML. Thymeleaf complements a Spring web MVC environment since it's built to utilize SpEL (Spring Expression Language) along with Spring's internationalization messages, and direct bean referencing. Since Thymeleaf is flexible and works well with Spring web MVC, Broadleaf Commerce uses it for our demo environment along with suggesting our clients to use it as well. The talk will go into what Thymeleaf is, how it's used, how Broadleaf customizes it, and how Broadleaf moved from version 2.1.4 to 3.0.0. Additionally it'll cover what it provides that other Java templating languages don't and what other templating languages provide that it doesn't.

Speaker: Jay Alsenbrey

I'm a software engineer at Broadleaf Commerce, a Java e-Commerce framework that focuses on providing extensibility and customization for mid-large enterprise companies. I work mostly with clients that hire us as consultants to build their website using Broadleaf, but also occasionally on internal projects, such as upgrading the templating language we use, Thymeleaf, from version 2 to 3.

I graduated from the University of Texas in 2015 with a BS in Computer Science and have worked for Broadleaf since as a full stack developer. I?ve worked mainly with Java, Spring MVC, and Maven both at Broadleaf and before graduating.

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