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From JSON to SURF in Java

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Because of its simplicity, JSON has become ubiquitous for RESTful representations and even configuration data. In some areas JSON is too simplistic, however, providing no facility to represent essential types such as dates, or collection types such as maps and sets. The SURF format aims to be a replacement for JSON that meets modern needs by providing types such as dates, URIs, UUIDs, binary data, and decimal numbers; yet maintaining JSON's spirit of simplicity while transparently building on a robust semantic framework. Learn how to use the SURF reference implementation in Java to create semantically rich configuration files, and explore how Jackson can bring a drop-in SURF replacement in RESTful web services using JAX-RS.

Speaker: Garret Wilson

Garret Wilson is a software developer and an advocate of education. With undergraduate training in Computer Information Systems, he earned a degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. He founded GlobalMentor, Inc. to develop international learning systems, and was a co-author of the initial versions of the EPUB specifications for electronic books. In addition to consulting with biotechnology companies in Silicon Valley, he is currently writing and teaching the GlobalMentor Course on Software Development to students in several countries.

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