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Introduction to GPU Development for Java Developers

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GPUs are interesting for all sorts of reasons - parallel computing, crypto-currency mining, and of course 3D graphics. Traditional Java development, however, mainly targets classic CPUs.

In this session, we will take a tour through land of GPU development from the perspective of a Java developer. We will look a look at OpenGL development, a brief introduction to OpenCL, and a discussion of NVIDIA's CUDA platform. We will examine projects that leverage Apache Spark in conjunction with the GPU for accelerating highly computational intensive tasks. And, finally, we will look at the availability of GPU processing power from various cloud providers, and discuss the economic tradeoffs.

As a bonus, we'll take the first few minutes to discuss the upcoming features proposed for JDK 10.

SPEAKER: Will Iverson

Will Iverson has been a frequent speaker at SeaJUG for over a decade. He has been working in the computer and information technology field professionally since 1990. His diverse background includes developing statistical applications to analyze data from the NASA Space Shuttle, product management for Apple, and developer relations for Symantec's Visual Cafe. Clients over the last two decades include Sun, BEA, Canal+ Technologies, AT&T, T-Mobile, the State of Washington, and many, many more. Most recently, Will spent over six years growing Dev9, a premier local consulting firm.

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