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Reimagining Software Testing with Testify

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In a world where Microservices and CI/CD is the norm, how do we make software testing simpler? How do we make it easy to explain, to understand and to write? Can we provide developers and framework makers a unified testing tool to make their lives simpler? I think we can, but first, we have to define the job to be done and reimagine software testing.

SPEAKER: Sharmarke Aden

Sharmarke is a software engineer who loves software craftsmanship and testing. He has worked at companies of various sizes, from startups to Fortune 50 companies. His primary passion and focus is in backend software development. Currently, Sharmarke works at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America where he’s building the next generation connected car cloud service. He spends some of his spare time working on Testify Project, a Java software testing tool that applies systems thinking to make software testing easy to understand, write and run. When he’s not coding, Sharmarke is playing with his infant son and trying to teach him sign language.

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