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Performance Tuning using jPDM

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jPDM is the basis of a performance tuning methodology that is designed to guide you to a biased free diagnosis of performance regressions in Java application. But rather than just talk about it, we'll use it by tuning an application together using jPDM.

SPEAKER: Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk has been performance tuning Java applications for about 20 years. Frequent speaker at JUGs and conferences worldwide and has been named a JavaONE rockstar numerous times. Kirk authored the original Java performance tuning workshop and jPDM, a performance diagnostic model. This model is the core of the diagnostic engine developed by JClarity, a startup cofounded by Kirk.

In 2006 Kirk was named as a Java Champion. More recently he has named as part of the Oracle groundbreakers and InfoQ influencers. Kirk continues to be an ardent support of the Java community cofounding JCrete, a Java unconference and by helping other establish Java (un)conferences worldwide.

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500 108th Ave NE · Bellevue, WA