Everyone Presents: Lightning Talks!

Seattle Java User Group (http://www.seajug.org)
Seattle Java User Group (http://www.seajug.org)
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925 4th Ave · Seattle, WA

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We will be at the 4th Floor in the Management Office

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Event Sourcing by Eric Jain
Docker and the JVM by Jonatan Ivanov
Lombok by Sam Berk
Implementing a process plug-in for Consul by Konstantin Ignatyev
Cool things on Spring by Evan Raynolds

Come and join us for Lightning Talks on this Meetup, where we talk between 5 ~ 10 minutes on a variety of topics! It's like a smorgasbord for Java!

What would be even better? If you actually come and present! We are looking for more lightning talk topics and presenters so reach out to us [masked].

For those who don't know, Lightning talks is a great way to enter the world of public speaking. It's only 5 minutes, on any topic that you like... You think you don't have anything interesting to talk about? That's not true! What you might see as mundane, or boring (lombok, serialization, string encoding) others might not even know how to go about it! (What's serialization good for? should I just use lombok for everything?). No restriction on the format! Want to use powerpoint, go ahead! Prefer just to talk without slides. That's great!, or you like hand puppets? Well, you wouldn't be the first one who has done that (https://www.flickr.com/photos/8268882@N06/8071388651/).

So join us! And better yet, speak! Speaking is also a great way to further your career. This could be the first step to become a world-renown speaker! And speaking gives you so much more in terms of network, job opportunities and know-how. Almost nothing is as transformative for your career as public speaking. So start now!

Submit a small talk to [masked]

See you then!

Freddy Guime