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Serverless and Event Driven Microservices with Micronaut

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Micronaut is an exciting new framework JVM-based, full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservice applications. This session focuses on building serverless and event-driven microservices using micronaut's integration with AWS lambda and Azure functions as well as building event-driven microservices by easily integrating micronaut with Apache Kafka. In this session we dive deeper into the capabilities of this framework, exploring serverless and event-driven microservices.

Michael Carducci is a problem-solving software engineer, entrepreneur, entertainer and speaker with a reputation for doing the impossible. Over the past two decades he has gained experience and insights from a variety of roles spanning the full project life-cycle and numerous technologies. Michael is particularly experienced in web technologies and building high performance databases.

In addition to his experience in the technology industry, Michael has earned equal recognition and renown as an award-winning professional magician and mentalist. This pursuit has earned him a unique perspective on problem solving, human psychology, and communication.

This session is sponsored by No Fluff Just Stuff, the definitive conference series for Software Developers and Architects coming to Seattle in Nov:

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