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Holiday Party! (and Two Sessions: Weird Java String / How to stay competitive)

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Allright, maybe this has not been the best year for in-person Meetups, but that shouldn't stop us for virtually celebrating! Come join us at the Seattle JUG Online holiday party (Sponsored by Logic 20/20) where we will have Online Games, networking rooms so we can virtually clink our glasses, have TWO back-to-back presentations, AND have RAFFLE PRIZES! (Thanks Logic 20/20 for sponsoring this event!).

Price of admission is FREE! (so what better way to end the year with some tech content, games and a chance to win a prize?)

For our first presentation, Logic 20/20:

Technology and expectations continue to change quickly. Java Developers can stay competitive by focusing on continuous training, improving communication skills, and developing a lean-in mentality. Our Java and talent teams are talking through the top ways to stay competitive in the Java market.


For our second presentation, our own SeaJug Jonatan Ivanov:

In this example-driven presentation, I’m going to show you a couple of interesting (“inconceivable”? :) things around Java Strings. I’m also going to explain them and give you solutions for these issues so that next time you will be prepared if you see those beasts.


And remember, there will be games! and Prizes, and a chance to talk shop with others! Must be present to win the the raffle ;)

So Join us Dec 10th at 6:00pm virtually at

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