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Distributed Java Databases Under the Hood: Main Components and Interactions

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Distributed databases are becoming more and more popular. Social networks, online banking, and retail—these are only a few examples of applications that might require horizontal scalability to achieve the performance, capacity, and availability that organizations require.
In this talk, we identify some of the internal mechanisms that distributed systems use to achieve the required goals. We describe the minimal architecture of distributed data storage—the main components and how the components work together.
During the session, we create a simple (although fully workable) distributed cache in Java, almost from scratch. We use the cache to demonstrate basic CRUD operations, as well as to demonstrate how scalability can be improved by adding resources to the system.

Speaker: Valentin Kulichenko, GridGain Director of Product Management, Apache Ignite PMC
Valentin is a passionate, open-source Apache Ignite community member and a PMC member. He dedicates his time to public speaking, contributing code, and providing technical help through the dev and user mailing lists.

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