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A meetup group for Bellydance enthusiasts. This group is for all things Bellydance! Want to make some new friends? The Bellydance Community is a great place to find amazing people who are very passionate about their art form.
Take lessons, go to Belly Dance events and more! This Meetup Group is being hosted by Shay Moore of Deep Roots Dance and Studio Deep Roots in North Seattle.
www.deeprootsdance.com (http://www.deeprootsdance.com/)

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Level 1 Bellydance Foundations

Studio Deep Roots

This class requires registration and is taught in 6 week sessions. Check the website to make sure you start on the first week, or drop-in for your first class anytime for $5. Contact the instructor to arrange a drop-in and join us! This level will get you moving to the tribal groove, with an introduction to the fundamentals of tribal movement and partner work, isolations, & strength-building. We’ll get you dancing from the very first class! Geared toward the new student, but vital to continuing students for refinement, this class establishes a strong foundation for every dancer. Even if you have taken tribal and/or other bellydance classes before, this class will be instrumental in familiarizing students specifically with Deep Roots’ particular style. Classes include a gentle warm-up, then we cover in detail one slow and one fast concept, and finally we work with transitions and partnering concepts. Students will need to purchase high quality student zils (finger cymbals). We highly recommend Saroyan Mastercrafts, which you can purchase easily online: Afghanis or The Grecian are our preferred styles. More info at http://www.deeprootsdance.com/

Indian Fusion Bellydance in Redmond

Prashanthi Chitre, Institute of Performing Arts

Blending the exquisite mudras (hand positions) from Indian classical & folk dances along with gorgeous spins and unique footwork, grounded in the hips of Bellydance. Learn a masala of combos set to a choreography that can also be added to your own vocabulary. Katrina Ji is Teaching this 6 week batch in Redmond. March 14th - April 18th Please register through PCIPA here: http://www.pcipaseattle.com/contact.html Katrina Ji is a Member of the International Dance Council CID - UNESCO http://katrinaji.com

Bellydance Skills n' Drills

Studio Deep Roots

A fun challenge for ALL LEVELS, ALL STYLES. You are invited to work at your own pace, adding layers of difficulty as you feel ready. We start with drills of basic movement concepts. We work with traveling and layering, and then finish with mini combos putting it all-together. This is an opportunity to get into your body, be playful, and push your limits in a joy-filled, encouraging class atmosphere. No matter what style you study, everyone will take home some new tools to add to their dancer tool-belt. Register right now for the new session of all the classes with Deep Roots Dance at Studio Deep Roots here: http://www.deeprootsdance.com/registration

Beginner Bellydance Drop in Class

Theater Puget Sound - Studio D

Drop in to try out our classes by registering here: http://cultureshakti.eventbrite.com Each week is a different focus! Sign up for the entire 6 week series or just try one class. Week 1: Intro to Bellydance Week 2: Egyptian Step, Taxeem, Arm Undulations Week 3: Intro to Finger Cymbals Week 4: Undulations Galore: Body Wave & Arabic Step Week 5: Hip Bumps & Torso Rotation Week 6: Shimmy Galore: Circle Step & Shimmies http://cultureshakti.com Our classes are taught by Martha Jaworski & Katrina Ji Certified FCBD Sister Studio Instructors. LIVE CLASS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/uRhGHOjldPA LEARN ONLINE: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/cultureshakti

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Bellydance Skills n' Drills

Studio Deep Roots

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