New event oriented language and framework: Charlie Green and Charles Sullivan

Seattle Event Driven Meetup
Seattle Event Driven Meetup
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300 Roy St

300 Roy St · Seattle, WA

How to find us

Maxwell Hotel Parking: From the parking garage when entering the meeting space is located adjacent to the elevators. From the street: Take the elevator/stairs down to the lower lobby, meeting space will be to the right.

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We two great talks about super innovative projects going on in the Event Driven Architecture space. The first is by Charlie Green on a new event-driven, service-oriented programming language called Strat. The second by Charles Sullivan on a new eventing framework called "The Black Box". Speaker and talk introductions below.

Looking for venue and food/bev sponsor. Let us know if you're company is up for it!

6:30-6:45 Grab beverage or food from the restaurant/bar upstairs.
6:45-6:50 Dave and Rob Intro
6:50-7:30 Charlie Green, Strat Programming Language
7:30-7:45 Break, refresh food/beverage
7:45-8:15 Charles Sullivan, The Black Box, A Serverless Turnkey Eventing System

Charlie Green, Strat Programming Language
Strat is a language to represent and deploy portable cloud systems. Strat takes simple functions written in languages you know like Javascript and Go and compiles them into event-driven and service-oriented systems running on the serverless cloud. Strat is the first "infrastructure as high-level code" language, and it represents an evolutionary leap over tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, and Serverless Framework.

Charlie is a programming Sith Lord who's power comes from intense dissatisfaction with existing development tools. A previous manager described Charlie as "a real software for software's sake kind of guy"

Charles Sullivan, The Black Box
A Serverless, Turnkey Eventing System
An event-sourced system is like a Formula 1 car: it is exhibits amazing performance under extreme load, but it takes a team of engineers to even get it started and roll it onto the track. BlackBox is the alternative. Instead of a delicate machine that requires a great deal of care, BlackBox sacrifices some performance to deliver a solution that any engineer can have up and running in production within minutes and with nearly zero operational burden.

I've been a mostly back-end engineer for over 20 years. Having quickly grown to dislike RDBMS, I wrote my first "no-sql" database in 2004, which makes me a legitimate database hipster. After spending some time with Lambda Architecture and CQRS in the late ities and early 2010s, I was eager and ready for an event-sourced world. I created my first production event-sourced system in 2015 and never looked back.

When I'm not coding I enjoy playing soccer, running, singing, playing my guitar, and being far too serious about Rocket League.