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The 2024 Choose Your Adventure Run & Walk!

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The 2024 Choose Your Adventure Run & Walk!


The Choose Your Adventure Run is back again for 2024, and this time we're inviting all runners, all movers, all running clubs, all ages, all paces! And it's FREE to play!

Co-hosted by the Seattle Green Lake Running Group (SGLRG) and Cascade Orienteering Club, we're turning the Fremont neighborhood into a game board and you all are the players. There's no set route!

Show up to start at either 5:30pm or 6:30pm.

Let's switch to Q&A mode!

Q: What's a Choose Your Adventure Run?
A: It's an activity where you use a map with checkpoints marked on it. You can visit as many as you like, in whatever order that you like. Checkpoints are usually neighborhood quirks, and to prove that you found each one, you answer a simple question. Here's an example from 2019: map & questions.

Q: How long does it take? How far is it?
A: We're suggesting a 75-minute time limit and there are ~25 checkpoints. Reasonable routes to visit all of them should around 5 miles. Obviously, you can make it shorter by skipping some checkpoints. As for pace, add about 1-3 minutes per mile over your normal running pace (to account for checkpoint finding and answering).

Q: Where is it? Where do we meet?
A: The start and finish is at 34th & Stone Way, outside the Brooks Trailhead store. The checkpoints are scattered around the Fremont neighborhood, in an area bounded by Stone Way to the east, 34th Street to the south, Greenwood Ave to the west, and 46th Street to the north.

Q: Are we running as a large group? Smaller teams? Solo?
A: Any of the above, really. It's whatever you want. At previous Choose Your Adventure runs, groups tended to stick together based on running speed, but some runners go solo or in small teams. If you're looking for a pace buddy or a pace group, use the comments!

The goal of the game is to visit checkpoints, so teams splitting up and sharing answers is highly discouraged.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to play?
A: If you want to play "old school", then no; we'll provide you with a paper map showing all of the checkpoints.

If you want to play "new school", then bring a smartphone; we'll have a QR code that you can scan for a PDF map.

If you want to score points for your running club, or to see where you stand on the leaderboard, bring your smartphone. We'll be using a Google Form for submitting checkpoint answers and finish times.

Q: Are there any prizes?
A: Currently, no. Since this is a free event without any sponsorships, no prizes, free food & drink, are planned. This is being organized purely for the fun of it!

Q: What's the schedule look like?
A: You can choose to start at either 5:30pm (which is when the usual SGLRG Wednesday Night Run meets, typically with about 70 people), or if you can't make it that early, we're doing a later start at 6:30pm.

5:30pm: Early start meet-up, instructions, and map handout.
5:40pm: Early start Choose Your Adventure Run begins!
6:30pm: Late start meet-up, instructions, and map handout.
6:40pm: Late start Choose Your Adventure Run begins!
6:55pm: Early start suggested time limit ends.
7:55pm: Late start suggested time limit ends.

Note: The Brooks Trailhead closes at 7:00pm, so if you're planning on storing anything in the lockers, using their restrooms, or shopping, be aware.

Q: Are people hanging out afterward?
A: The SGLRG Wednesday Night Run folks typically head over to Fremont Brewing, so join SGLRG and CascadeOC there! Fremont Brewing is kid and dog-friendly, has non-alcoholic options available, has indoor and heated outdoor seating, and closes at 9pm.

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