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adjective: INFORMAL

"relaxed and easygoing."

That's right, easygoing, relaxed, informal. That's us. No meat-markets, high stress events, or speed dating here! Just an easy, fun, and relaxed way to meet people. Single people, yes. But our intent is to make connections of all types and meet new people. Independent of the "singleness" of it. So we don't care if you shave, or put on makeup, and you don't need to dress up for US. Unless it's a special event, the dress code for this group is "t-shirt and flip-flops". Hey, If I have to agonize over what shirt to wear, then it's not laid-back enough for me. This group will strip away the pretense, the "dressing up", and the expectations, and just have events where you can hang out with fellow singles, and make connections. We're not going to be at bars with $15 beers.... we're gonna be at the dive bar with 2 for 1 happy hour and pool tables ;) We might do outdoors events, dancing, karaoke, day trips on the ferry, who knows? But you can probably count on a lot of happy hours .... :)

I don't know about you, but I love to go out, and I hate having to get all dressed up to do it, and then "put myself on display". I know there are others that feel the same way. So let the other singles groups do the fancy, nerve-inducing, meat-market events. Our intention is to just get good, fun people together to hang out, make connections, and have a good time. No stress, no pressure, and just, well, "Laid-backness". Are the people you're meeting a little too uptight, sensitive, or serious for you? Then this is your haven. This is your place to find that special someone that you can laugh, relax, and just have fun with. And if not that special someone, then great new friends. I think the best romantic relationships start out as the best friendships anyway. Either way, we're laid-back. We don't care. Just come out and have a good time with other singles. That's our only requirement. Be nice, and have fun.

Past events (8)

Black Velvet Duo live at Engels

Engel's Pub

Drinks, and Live Music w/ Willow Goodine

Pacific Room Alki

Blue October and Mona at the Showbox!

Showbox in Seattle

Ukulele Concert! (then, we'll need some booze)

Dusty Strings Music Store & School

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