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SEAPUG Spring Series: Best Practices and Billiards (Third Thursdays)

Photo of Jeremy Schneider
Hosted By
Jeremy S. and Lloyd A.


We ran a survey and lots of SEAPUG members were interested in social time. Members were also interested in best practices (aka happiness hints).

Well, we decided that we're only going to tell you database best practices if you come to a social event. Sorry. 😉

This spring, on the third Thursday of every month, come to the Garage on Capital Hill at 7pm for an informal hang-out with other SEAPUG members. Play a game of 8-ball on the pool tables. Enjoy a drink. They even have bowling.

One PostgreSQL happiness hint will be shared and discussed at some point during the evening. (Briefly - maybe 5 minutes or so.) Don't miss it!

Photo of Seattle Postgres group
Seattle Postgres
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