One year of Seattle React.js at Outreach

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Come celebrate one year of Seattle React.js at Outreach's new space in Fremont on Weds, Dec. 16. We are looking forward to some interesting discussions, lively debate and sharing ideas. Our meetup space, food and drinks will be provided by Outreach (

Speaker Line up

Gordon Hempton - Using React & Rails in a Big Way

This is *not* your typical node.js/webpack/flux talk. React.js has allowed Outreach to build a large single page application on top of a Rails back-end. Our application consists of literally hundreds of react components communicating with rails via a conventional json-api ( In this talk I will briefly discuss how we structure our application and go over some development patterns which have made our lives easier.

Ken Wheeler - Presenting with Spectacle

Not enjoying creating slides for your next presentation? Hate switching to code demos? Ken Wheeler details how Spectacle makes writing decks a breeze.

Dick Kreisberg - Composable Data Visualization

With React, we are able to create re-usable, composable views. Given time and effort, beautiful bespoke data visualization tools can be made wholly with React. For those of us with deadlines, I will demonstrate some techniques to incorporate stylish, interactive, open-source charting libraries as useful React components.

Lauren Eastridge - Data-viz components with Victory

Victory is a small and growing ecosystem of data-viz components written for React. The modular, componentized nature of React has allowed us to write fully-contained, reusable data-viz elements that are responsible for their own styles and behaviors. The use of sensible default props makes getting started very easy, without sacrificing flexiblity. Victory also leverages React lifecycle methods and DOM diffing to create a lightweight animation wrapper. When combined, these features result in a set of components that are easy to use, and compose into more complicated visualizations.

Ryan Florence - All Things are Present

Time is the enemy, eliminate it with React.