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What we’re about

The greater Seattle area is filled with Scandinavian language speakers, but even at local cultural clubs, there are few opportunities to speak Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.  That's where we come in!

Scandinavian Meetup Group members include expats, Americans who have lived for a time in Scandinavia, university students, folks with Scandinavian parents or ancestors, and those who have studied one of the Scandinavian languages on their own.  A wide range of ages is represented.

All language levels are welcome....just be aware that we do speak "Scandinavian" at meetups, so please be willing to follow along and join in as best you can.  Our friendly members are happy to help with a quick translation if needed.

Meetups include going out for drinks, ski trips, dinners, and movie nights.  Conversation topics are as varied as our membership.  Come, relax, og bli med i samtalen.

Velkommen, alle!