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Welcome to Seattle Tantra Community Calendar! If you've joined the page, then you are an event organizer and welcome to post Tantra related events on this calendar. This is an open calendar for any Tantra events in the Seattle area. All are welcome to post events, so long as your event is connected to Tantra. Our hope is to create an inclusive, connected, loving and growth-inspired community of Tantrikas in Seattle.

Many of the events listed here will be located at our North Seattle location. No RSVP or registration is required for Saturday morning Satsang classes. Other events may ask a registration or payment in addition to RSVP'ing on this page. Please check events for specific details.

If you have questions about if your event is relevant to our page, please message grace@seattle-tantra.org.

May all beings be happy and free!

Upcoming events (5+)

Circling with Laureli (Daytime)

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

Join Laureli Shimayo for Cycles of Circling! ** WHAT IS AUTHENTIC RELATING? ** AR is about what is real. It's about what you are feeling and experiencing in the bodily felt sense. It's about your actual thoughts and emotions in the moment, whether they be frightening, silly, sexy, or questioning. It's about the nature of connectedness when you look into the eyes of another being. Authentic Relating is a growing movement with communities around the globe gathering to connect and enrich the human experience. The two most common AR activities are Transformational Games & Circling. (https://www.authrev.com/worldwide-connection & http://www.circlinginstitute.com/circling/what-is-circling/) CIRCLING is a way for us to practice presence in relationship. It is a group experience that leaves space for individual emotional expression, reflection and sharing of impact - where we are encouraged to follow our impulses, speak our truths, and explore relating with one another authentically in the present moment. The practice of circling allows us to slow down, bring our attention to our own felt experience, and share our inner worlds with one another, noticing what happens within us and what arises within the group as we do so. The intention is to connect from a place of curiosity and to strive for clarity as we bring awareness to what is implicit and make it explicit. The goal is not to change one another, but instead to be with what is, celebrating and honoring who and where we all are right now. As we circle, we practice breaking through the assumptions and projections we may have about each other to allow for deeper connection and greater understanding to emerge. Event Details: - Address: 9414 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle - Ample street parking and public transit options. - Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to settle into the space so we can begin at 11am. We lock the doors at 11:15. - We’ll have an intro, a 1st Circle, a break, and then a 2nd Circle. Newcomers are welcome. - Cost: Donation basis $10-$40 suggested to support budding Seattle Tantra and Authentic Seattle communities. Cash, check or card accepted at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Your assistance with set-up or clean up would be most appreciated in lieu of financial support. - Accessibility: Currently STC has limited ADA accessibility. Our practice and meeting space has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. However, our bathroom currently does not fit a wheelchair. (We are hoping to remedy this in early 2019). We will do our best to accommodate the physical needs of all bodies. If you have questions or concerns about your accessibility in our space, please contact [masked]. ** WHAT/WHO IS AUTHENTIC SEATTLE? ** We are a community that is unleashing our aliveness through self-expression, connection, and bearing witness to each other. We gather frequently for Games, Circling and socializing. Additional Considerations: - Please note that Authentic Relating & Seattle Tantra Community events are not a therapeutic setting, and the facilitators are not there in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider this practice as a substitute for such care. - Games & Circling events can facilitate people making deep connections. Not everyone brings that connected experience with them after an event. Please remember to practice everyday politeness if you reach out to someone to connect socially after an event. - If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask any of the Authentic Seattle Organizers, Seattle Tantra Community, or a Facilitator.

Relationship Discussion: Conscious Monogamy

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

This month theme: Relationship structures are so personal. They are about who is in each relationship, their priorities, values, needs and desires. Sometimes in spiritual or nontraditional communities, there is a preference - whether implicit or explicit - for non-monogamous relationships and even a stigma against monogamy. Let's sit together in the question of how to create, sustain and even dissolve consciously monogamous relationships. We'll look at similarities and differences with other relationship structures, consider what themes and communication topics are on top for monogamous couples, and how to support people in our community who prefer a monogamous lifestyle. We invite this conversation with a desire to unearth any stigmas or pressures in our community and to open a door between all relationship preferences. All are welcome, in any current or preferred relationship structure. Come with an open mind and a willingness to witness, listen, share and connect. ------ What does it mean to be in a Tantric relationship? A conscious relationship? An ethical relationship? How do we honor the many different shaped and sized containers we call intimate relationship? How do we decide what structure we want to practice healthy relationship in? These questions and more we’ll explore monthly in our new Seattle Tantra Community Relationship Discussion Group which meets every 4th Thursday of the month. Grace will facilitate a discussion each month based on a theme of conscious relationships. Come with an open heart and mind, a willingness to connect and share, and a desire to be in community. All are welcome. Free Offering – You’re welcome to bring a snack to share! Every 4th Thursday, 7-9pm at Seattle Tantra Community in Maple Leaf Note: Currently STC has limited ADA accessibility. Our practice and meeting space has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. However, our bathroom currently does not fit a wheelchair. (We are hoping to remedy this in early 2019). We will do our best to accommodate the physical needs of all bodies. If you have questions or concerns about your accessibility in our space, please contact [masked].

Satsang - How to Choose Love…No Matter What

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

Hosted by Grace Bryant This satsang will complement our conversation and exercises around Returning to Love a few months ago. Is it really possible to choose love no matter what? Are there times where we choose something other than love? If so, is that really a choice? Or is it more likely a default? What might it mean to step into love, move through our fears, and make conscious choices from a place of love…no matter what? Come play in this important question and dissect some of the foundational values of our community – awareness, love and liberation. ---- Each week we hold Satsang, a “gathering together to share truth.” We’ll begin with some personal practice (movement, meditation, mantra), share a teaching and discussion on a topic of Tantra or embodied spirituality, and conclude with a circle connecting with other community members celebrating the divine within each other. 10:00 – Brief intro to embodied spirituality & introductions 10:10 – Guided personal practice 10:50 – Teaching, discussion & embodied practice 11:30 – Puja (connection ritual) In tantra, a satsang is a gathering of spiritual people for the purpose of sharing practice and wisdom. And this is exactly what we do. Each satsang brings different themes and topics, usually presented by Grace, with all discussion welcome and invited. The themes and topics generally touch on aspects of sacred sexuality and embodied spirituality. Sometimes we branch into relevant teachings from other traditions, as well as the nuances of non-dual spiritual experience. Satsang is offered on a donation basis. Your gift of any amount to help sustain the instructor and cover costs of the event is welcome. We offer the guidance of $20-$30 to help sustain the community. Gifts of greater amounts are always welcome and help extend and expand this project. Our satsang is suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners interested in the full range of embodied teaching, including meditation, breath, visualization, yoga, diet, philosophy, and sexuality. Satsang is open to absolutely all genders, ethnic backgrounds, levels of fitness, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual framework. No experience is assumed. Drop in visits are welcome. Accessibility in our space: Sacred Embodiment currently has limited accessibility. Our entrance and practice space is wheelchair accessible and students are welcome to sit on chairs, on the floor, or as needed for their physical abilities. However, the bathroom is not ADA and not able to accommodate a wheelchair at this time. If you are concerned about your accessibility needs in the space, please contact us.

Yum Night at SEC

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

6:30pm Arrive, park, converse, socialize, settle. Please target a 6:30pm ish arrival time 7ish-10pm Facilitated Heart Centered Connection. Doors closed and locked around 7pm. Please, RSVP on Brown Paper Tickets at: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4198053 Oxytocin is good for you :) For those of you who have attended before, this is a special Yum Night at a new location and a different container. We will be hosting this event at the Seattle Tantra Community location at 9414 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 (previously Seattle Tantra Community and prior to that, the home of Moksha Tantra), and their ~300 members are invited to this event in a separate, private invitation. As such, and since we max'ed out last time, we highly recommend securing your ticket(s) early. We are looking forward to the excitement of new people to weave into the work we do. Come have a great time with us! Come for cuddles, touch, breath, expression and eye gazing. The Yum Nights are stewarded by Shawn and Amanda, inspired by their training with Tantra teacher David Cates and their work in their embodiment-centered private practices. Shawn and Amanda are both Somatica practitioners; they guide groups, couples and individuals to deepen and broaden intimacy and relationship through practical experiences. You will be tenderly and playfully guided through physical and verbal connection practices with yourself, with partners, and in groups. Together we all create a very yummy "heartfield" in the space. This practice is focused on our humanness, and we partner with each other indiscriminate of gender or sexual orientation. At the Foundations level, all practices are fully clothed and are focused on nurturing, innocent touch and attention with each other. You do not need to come with a partner. Let yourself arrive, relax and settle before the wonderful evening. To reserve your spot, purchase a ticket on Brown Paper Tickets. We have started to hit capacity at the events now, so if/When we reach capacity, it's easier to manage the communications to those that have been ticketed and make it clear that we cannot accept more. Note: Facebook replies do not reserve a spot, but we certainly want to see your RSVP and comments on the event page. Feel free to invite like-hearted folks. This is a more open pool of people, so no need to ask us before bringing someone, unless you have a question about whether they are a good fit for the event. NOTE ABOUT SUBSTANCES: Intrinsic in the work is a keen noticing of our bodies. This deep listening doesn't mix well with alcohol or other substances, so please don't consume those that would hinder your natural state. PARKING INFORMATION: Arrive with enough time to find a space. Free parking is available around the venue NOTES FOR THE LOCATION This location is 100% pet free, smoke free and shoe free. Thanks! $30 online $35 and up sliding scale at door (if space available) RSVPING IS IMPORTANT: please help us plan. If you can't make it or don't want to be on the invites, let us know. RSVP: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4198053 In addition to these workshops, Amanda helps clients in her Somatica private practice (www.erotictuneup.com) and her structural integration/Soma Bodywork private practice (www.somanda.com). Shawn works with clients to get more out of relationships in his Somatica private practice (www.erosblossoming.com) as well as doing energy work (www.lightandinformation.net). And they work together, with a team approach, to help clients from different perspectives.

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