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Welcome to Seattle Tantra Community Calendar! If you've joined the page, then you are an event organizer and welcome to post Tantra related events on this calendar. This is an open calendar for any Tantra events in the Seattle area. All are welcome to post events, so long as your event is connected to Tantra. Our hope is to create an inclusive, connected, loving and growth-inspired community of Tantrikas in Seattle.

Many of the events listed here will be located at our North Seattle location. No RSVP or registration is required for Saturday morning Satsang classes. Other events may ask a registration or payment in addition to RSVP'ing on this page. Please check events for specific details.

If you have questions about if your event is relevant to our page, please message grace@seattle-tantra.org.

May all beings be happy and free!

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Seattle Circling Evening

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

What is Circling? Circling is a form of interpersonal meditation and is an evolving practice with many nuances and intricacies, and at the same time, it can just feel like simple human connection, which is what it is essentially based around. It includes a set of practices and distinctions that we use in service of an innocence and reverence, that naturally occur when we begin to see ourselves and others more clearly. It's a powerful practice that can easily bring things into your awareness that were previously unconscious. Check out this video for a quick taste of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpV_f09Zzt8&t - This event is hosted by Sandi Fanning, Circling Facilitator. The level of connection I've found possible in Circling is something that I had never experienced anywhere else. It's raised the bar for me for what's possible in my relationships, and has allowed me to experience how beautiful and nourishing being in connection with another can be. Circling consistently invites me into more presence, connection, and aliveness: a richer, more embodied experience, more attunement with myself and with others, a sense of connection with something bigger, and a deep appreciation of the magic and mysteries of life. I'm excited to share this beautiful practice with all those who resonate with it, and I look forward to connecting and sharing presence with you! - Cost is $15; pay at the door via cash or Paypal. Please bring exact amount. >> Doors open at 6:45, and we start at 7 PM. Doors will be locked promptly at 7. Our Wednesday Circling sessions are open to everyone, beginners & more experienced Circlers alike. ♥

Relationship Discussion: Navigating Emotions, Impacts & Sharing in Relationships

This month theme: Navigating Emotions, Impacts, and Sharing in Relationships - How do our relationship structures and agreements support the emotional labor of relating with other humans? ------ What does it mean to be in a Tantric relationship? A conscious relationship? An ethical relationship? How do we honor the many different shaped and sized containers we call intimate relationship? How do we decide what structure we want to practice healthy relationship in? These questions and more we’ll explore monthly in our new Seattle Tantra Community Relationship Discussion Group which meets every 4th Thursday of the month. Grace will facilitate a discussion each month based on a theme of conscious relationships. Come with an open heart and mind, a willingness to connect and share, and a desire to be in community. All are welcome. Free Offering – You’re welcome to bring a snack to share! Every 4th Thursday, 7-9pm at Seattle Tantra Community in Maple Leaf Note: Currently STC has limited ADA accessibility. Our practice and meeting space has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. However, our bathroom currently does not fit a wheelchair. (We are hoping to remedy this in early 2019). We will do our best to accommodate the physical needs of all bodies. If you have questions or concerns about your accessibility in our space, please contact [masked].

Satsang: Tantra and Activism

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

Several religious traditions, including some streams of Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam, among others, have addressed the intersections between spirituality and worldly justice. Given Tantra’s focus on radical transformation and liberation, we ask how the practices and tools of expanding consciousness and conscious relating are applicable to political activism in the various forms that may take. One of the root beauties of tantra is the pairing of consciousness and active creation: its world-building nature amidst a deep desire to see and experience reality as it is. What connections and awarenesses guide the worlds we see and the worlds we are building? What forces - individual and communal - expand or limit these? Tantra - by drawing our attention to the false values, beliefs, and limitations of communal connection that may have been imposed on us over our lives, especially in the contexts of modernity - can offer expanded ways of seeing and restoring what has been masked, taken, or forgotten, including our profound capacities for purposeful action in the world. In this Satsang, our discussion and embodied practices and exercises will build upon these three questions: - What communities or collectives do we embody, and what embodied energies feel most awake in relation to those? - To what extent can our embodied energies, including compassion, anger, hope, fear, and the erotic, along with our capacity for conscious relating, be strengthened and channeled? How can these counter the social forces of unacknowledged privilege, ignorance, exploitation, and internalized oppression that can lead to violence and complicity, on the one hand, and naivete, passivity, disillusionment, cynicism, and apathy, on the other? - To what extent can we forge and/or reclaim a consciousness that is also attuned to our capacities and responsibilities in challenging and not reproducing abusive and exploitative power relations (social, political, economic; in and among communities in local, national, and global contexts)? Our exploration here is not designed to dictate any particular mode of inquiry or action, nor to impose any specific political vision or form of activism, but rather to explore the relationship between tantric practice, awareness, and activism broadly on behalf of a vibrant and just world. Maureen & Vivek ------ Each week we hold Satsang - "gathering together to share truth" – at the Seattle Tantra Community in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle. We’ll begin with some personal practice (movement, meditation, mantra), share a teaching and discussion on a topic of Tantra, and conclude with a circle connecting with other community members celebrating the divine within each other. 10:00 - Brief intro to tantra for newcomers; introductions. 10:10 - Asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation 10:50 - Teaching & Discussion 11:30 - Puja What is a "Satsang"? In tantra, a satsang is a gathering of spiritual people for the purpose of sharing practice and wisdom. How much does this cost? Satsang is offered on a donation basis. We offer the guidance of $20-$30 to help sustain the community. Who is this for? Our satsang is suitable for beginning and experienced tantric practitioners interested in the full range of tantric teaching, including meditation, breath, visualization, yoga, diet, philosophy, and sexuality. Satsang is open to absolutely all genders, ethnic backgrounds, levels of fitness, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual framework. No experience is assumed. Drop in visits are welcome. Note: Currently STC has limited ADA accessibility. Our practice and meeting space has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. However, our bathroom currently does not fit a wheelchair. (We are hoping to remedy this in early 2019). We will do our best to accommodate the physical needs of all bodies. If you have questions or concerns about your accessibility in our space, please contact [masked].

Breaking Down Barriers: Reaching for Blackness

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

FACILITATED BY AARON JOHNSON AND PORSHA BEED This weekend workshop is for white-identified folks to dive deeply and courageously into exploring topics of racism, oppression, and privilege. Please dress comfortably as we will be both talking and physically working on this material. Integrated throughout the experience we’ll be calling upon healing soulful traditions such as yoga, meditation, dance and music to help us stay in the conversation and deepen our capacity to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves and others. Sunday January 27 https://www.facebook.com/events/1933273870083547/?ti=cl 9 AM – 3 PM *optional processing time from 4-6pm $350-$100 Sliding Scale NOTAFLF (No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds) Email [masked] to discuss options Accessibility: Currently Seattle Tantra Center has limited ADA accessibility. Our practice and meeting space has no stairs and is wheelchair accessible. However, our bathroom currently does not fit a wheelchair. (We are hoping to remedy this in early 2019). We will do our best to accommodate the physical needs of all bodies. If you have questions or concerns about your accessibility in our space, please contact [masked]. PLEASE RSVP BY EMAILING [masked] and include the date you're attending. PAYMENTS can be sent through... *venmo (@DylanWilderQuinn) OR *to Dylan Wilder Quinn through Facebook Messenger (click the plus sign next to where you would type in text) If these payment options don't work please email me ([masked]) for other arrangements. What to Expect... - Deep connection and relating to people across identities about oppression and liberation - Self-inquiry and witnessing others in deep inquiry - Being physical and in close proximity with others (consent-based; no intensive exercise, at max we will be doing light yoga stretches that will be made accessible for everyone in the room) -Expanding your ability to sit with discomfort -Using your voice in various ways to express and discharge emotions -Exploring the question - What keeps white people from deeply connecting with black people? -A one hour lunch break LEAD FACILITATORS About Aaron Johnson… I am an earth builder, a teacher of closeness, and an activist. I graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2007 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. I use intimacy to dismantle racism. My goal is to help white people slow down their reality enough to see blackness, primarily through the use of deep questions. Being close to blackness is the revolution. https://www.facebook.com/Turnitupnow1982/ and www.holisticresistance.com for more. About Porsha Beed… Porsha Beed is a twenty-four year old African American woman from Phelan, California. As an intimate activist and mentor, she specializes in teaching young people and adults about the importance of deep human connection, holistic resistance, and the importance of self-love and resiliency. Porsha is passionate about dismantling racism and oppression. www.holisticresistance.com SUPPORT TEAM About Jennie Pearl... Jennie Pearl is the founder of Wake Up, a group for white-identified people to unlearn racism, unpack privilege, and untangle white supremacy from the inside out. They explore how yoga and meditation can help them commit to and sustain the work without spiritual bypassing or diminishing racial justice. www.jenniepearl.com About Dylan Wilder Quinn… Dylan Wilder Quinn (pronouns: they/them are favorites, he/she also fine) works towards personal and systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and autonomy. Dylan works with white people and people of all genders to create trans-inclusive, anti-racist leaders and spaces. Www.dylanwilderquinn.com

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Monday Night Meditation: Mindfulness Practice

9414 Roosevelt Way NE

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