Seattle TS - Monthly Meetup (TSConf Edition)

Seattle TypeScript
Seattle TypeScript
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ExtraHop Networks, Inc.

520 Pike St #1600 · Seattle, WA

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16th floor of 520 Pike, to the right off the elevator

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Special Seattle TS Announcement! We're combining our regularly scheduled 9/23 and 10/25 monthly meetups into one *EXTRA SPECIAL MEETUP* on Thursday, October 10th.

Why would we do such a thing, you ask? Because that just happens to be the night before TSConf 2019 ( on Friday, October 11th, and it will give everyone a great opportunity to eat, drink and discuss all things TypeScript with some familiar faces before we attend the conference the next day. We're hoping we can hear from some of the conference organizers and speakers as well.

This event will be hosted at the ExtraHop office downtown again (near the Convention Center). Food & drink will be provided.

As usual, we're posting this event before we've got the talks ironed out. A lot of great ideas keep being raised, which are listed below. Message the group if you'd like to claim one! (And reminder, lightning talks are great too).

We'll update the list with the [Full Name] of volunteers as they arise.

## Schedule
6:00pm - Arrive, eat some food, code/network with fellow TypeScripters
6:30pm - Talks begin
????pm - More coding/networking time
9:00pm - End of meetup, see you next time!

## Talks for 10/10 Event
* How to Upgrade to TS Without Anybody Noticing [Nathan Shively-Sanders, Microsoft]
* How to Use TS Playground Effectively [Orta Therox, Microsoft]
* TS @ Google (Upgrades, Closure Compiler, and more) [Evan M, Google]
* Exposing Fully Type-Safe APIs from WebWorkers with Zero Boilerplate [Felix Becker, Sourcegraph]

## Unclaimed Talk Ideas
* The never type (& unknown)
* Compiling TS to WebAssembly
* Using TS with Flutter
* Using TS with Your-Favorite-Framework
* Publishing TS libraries as NPM packages
* Advanced types: Covariance and Contravariance
* Truthy Falsy (lodash, null, undefined, void, etc)
* Runtime typeguard libraries (io-ts, quicktypes, runtypes, etc)
* Other typed web languages (Elm, Reason, PureScript, Fable, etc)
* Deno, TS-Node
* Syncing types across the full stack
* The TS-Server API (extracting data about types)
* Project References (and, were they a mistake?)
* Monorepo packages (lerna, rush, nx, etc)
* TSLint vs ESLint (can we switch yet?)
* ${ your ideas here }

## Previous Talks