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Learn Front End Testing

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Are you writing enough tests for your applications? We thought not! Ryan Roemer of Formidable Labs ( and author of the new book Backbone Testing ( will help us learn how to test your JavaScript applications in a 3 hour workshop at Redfin ('s beautiful downtown headquarters.

The workshop will be a mixture of lecture and hands on lessons. With the help of our fabulous mentors you'll learn how to use:

Mocha (

Chai (

Sinon (

PhantomJS (

The workshop will demonstrate these test frameworks in the context of a simple Backbone application (which we will have ready for you to clone), but the workshop is not focused on Backbone.

Due to long wait lists and a persistent percentage of no-shows for SeattleJS meetups we will now be charging $3 to attend SeattleJS workshops starting in October. We hope this only discourages the no-shows and apologize for the inconvenience.

2025 1st Ave, Suite 500 · Seattle, WA
11 spots left