May Meetup: Native apps with Tabris.js & Building w/ARCcore.filters

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The sun is (mostly) out and we are ready for our May Meetup!

It's that time again; we had an awesome time at Simply Measured last month and we can't wait to see what Moz has in store for us!


Topic 1: Native apps with Tabris.js

by Tim Bond

Github ( | @TimB0nd (

abstract:: Tabris.js is a mobile framework that lets you develop native iOS and Android apps from a single code base written entirely in JavaScript. Tabris.js does not use WebViews for rendering and allows you to use existing JavaScript libraries, node modules and Cordova plugins to build your apps. Tabris.js also has an online build service eliminating the need to set up SDKs to generate packages for mobile devices.

bio:: I'm a full stack PHP developer that has discovered this framework. I've built one app and have several more on the way. I'd love to share my experience and help spread the word about this amazing platform.


Topic 2: Building w/ARCcore.filters & demo of Holism plug-in app server for Node.js

by Chris Russell

Github ( | @Encapsule ( | Website (

abstract:: This talk will briefly introduce the ARCcore.filter ( library that uses JSON-encoded declarations called filter specifications ( to automate the validation and normalization of JavaScript function input & output. This sounds kind of boring. But, filters can be used to build software factories that manufacture filters. And, this allows us to metaprogram at run-time to build useful things like API templates, and plug-in frameworks that document and test themselves.



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