June Meetup: TypeScript, REST APIs, and headless browser testing.

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It's the 2nd Thursday of the month, time to hang out with your fellow web developers!


Topic 1: Building Large Scale Web Applications with TypeScript

by Jakub Jedryszek

Github (https://github.com/jj09) | @JakubJedryszek (https://twitter.com/JakubJedryszek) | Website (http://jj09.net)

abstract:: JavaScript has evolved significantly since the time it was first introduced 20 years ago. Today, JavaScript is the most popular programming language that allows to build large scale applications both on the client and on the server side. However, maintaining large codebases becomes more, and more challenging.

In this talk I will show how TypeScript helps to build and maintain large scale web applications. I will also present the tools to work with TypeScript, how to take advantage of TypeScript while working with AngularJS 2, and lessons learned during work on the Azure Portal.

bio:: Jakub Jedryszek works for Microsoft as Software Engineer. Currently he is working on the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com/) – the largest and most complex Single Page Web Application in the World written in TypeScript. He is a founder of dotNetConfPL (http://dotnetconf.pl/) – online conference for .NET Developers. His blog is at jj09.net (http://jj09.net/).

Before Microsoft Jakub developed a Model-Driven Development and Verification Approach for Medical Devices, while working for SAnToS Lab (http://santoslab.org/). He was also working as Web Developer for SMT Software (http://www.smtsoftware.com/), Division of Communications and Marketing at Kansas State University (http://www.k-state.edu/vpcm/), and PGS Software (http://www.pgs-soft.com/).


Topic 2: Learn REST APIs in 5 Simple Steps

by Tessa Mero

Github (https://github.com/tmero) | @tessamero (https://twitter.com/TessaMero) | Website (http://tessamero.com)

abstract:: Feeling hungry? You’ve came to the right place! As APIs have become increasingly more important and popular in usage in the past few years in web development, it is important to understand the basics of what they are and why to use them. I will be going over the basics: The What’s, Why’s, Where’s, and When’s. You will learn the basics of REST APIs and I will show you how you can use POSTMAN to test making REST API calls. I will use Cisco’s Spark and Tropo as use case examples of working with APIs.

bio:: Tessa Mero is the Developer Evangelist for Cisco. She spends her extra time contributing on a leadership team for the Joomla! Project and has been involved with Joomla for the past 5 years. She runs the Seattle PHP Meetup and is the organizer of the Pacific Northwest PHP conference. On her free time, she likes to play video games, snowboard, and eat Korean food.


Topic 3: Headless browser testing with Docker & Selenium

by Michael Krotscheck

Github (https://github.com/krotscheck) | @krotscheck (https://twitter.com/krotscheck) | Website (https://krotscheck.net/)

abstract:: This lightning talk will cover how to start a "headless" (no attached display) local selenium grid that can be used for karma or protractor tests. This is useful if you want your tests run in real browsers, but don't have an available display. In short: Real browser testing with nothing but a commandline.

bio:: Michael Krotscheck is a Staff Engineer at VMWare, acting as UI lead for a major cross-cloud management platform. In his free time he changes diapers, tickles toddlers, runs, and occasionally implements RFC674


If you're interested in presenting at a future Seattle JS meetup, feel free to submit a talk (https://github.com/seattlejs/seattlejs/blob/master/request-to-speak.md).