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November SeattleJS Meetup at RealSelf

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It's the 2nd Thursday of the month, time to hang out with your fellow web developers!

There’s going to be some awesome talks!

Server-side React
By Charles Peters

Server-side rendering a React application can have a lot of moving pieces. We'll look at the basics of server rendering those applications and the needs our applications would have from starting on the server.

Speaker Bio: Charles is a UI Engineer currently working on a large server-side rendered application at Microsoft.
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MSON Lang: Building An App Using JSON
By Geoff Cox (

Software continues to eat the world and software development tools are evolving at lightning speeds, but it stills takes an in-depth knowledge of a programming language to develop software. Sure, there are millions of open-source projects that can be mashed together and robust cloud platforms that make the process easier, but it takes considerable skill to get all of these technologies working together. When I envision the future, I imagine the average person being able to make software, just like how the average person can create a spreadsheet today.

This line of thinking has given birth to MSON, an extensible declarative language that can be easily manipulated by a UI. MSON is a subset of JSON and comprised of just a few building blocks, yet it is as powerful as its non-declarative counterparts.

Speaker Bio: Geoff Cox is the creator of MSON, a new declarative programming language that will serve as the foundation of a UI that will allow anyone to make software. He’s been self-employed for the greater part of the last 15 years and loves taking on ambitious, yet wife-maddening, projects like creating a database and distributed data syncing system.
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Functional Programming in JavaScript
By Len Smith (

Functional programming confers many benefits that can help us write clean code. And much of the power of functional programming is available to us in vanilla JavaScript.

In this talk, we'll explore what functional programming concepts are and how they help us clean up our JavaScript code, as well as looking at FP libraries like Ramda.js.

Speaker Bio: Len Smith has been writing software professionally for eighteen years. A Pennsylvania native, he currently lives in Seattle with his husband and their dog where he writes software and plays board games.
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We’re going to a nearby establishment for social hour after, location TBD!

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