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Stupid Meetup #9

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Ada's Technical Books and Cafe

425 15th Ave E · Seattle, WA

How to find us

Look for a stupid sign on a laptop

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Hi folks!

We're trying to re-start this group to give people a stupid space to create completely useless shit that nobody needs. These events are free and open to artists, comedians, coders, mimes and anyone who is interested in making something totally useless.

The plan:
7-7:15pm - Arrive with your stupid ideas and whatever you want to work on and look for a laptop with a stupid sign on it. Introduce yourself to your fellow fools.
7:20ish - If you have an idea, draw a crappy sketch of your bad idea and/or write a short description. Make a note if you're open to folks joining you or if it's something you're working on alone
7:25ish - Share ideas. Ditch your idea and join someone else, or stick with your own. Whatever will result in the stupidest outcome is ideal.
7:25 to 8:40 - drink plenty of beer/coffee/tea, procrastinate, chat, hang out, make stupid shit.
8:40 to 8:55 - If you have something stupid show off, show it off. If it's deemed totally useless, you'll get a stupid sticker. If you feel you need more time to make it dumber, you can always show it off at the next meeting, next month.
9pm - Ada's closes, time to leave! There are other bars in the area if you need to keep working on something with folks.

Things you can/should do:
- Make stupid shit

Things you cannot do:
- Racist/sexist/discriminatory/illegal/dangerous/messy shit
- Harass or insult other participants

Some awful ideas to get the juices flowing:
- An app that helps people memorize highly obscure and highly inaccurate trivia
- Photoshopped or hand-drawn pictures of Jeff Bezos as a turtle
- bouldr - a dating app that lets you swipe through some of the region's hottest bouldering problems
- Useless Maps of Seattle
- Put birds on things
- A bot that scrapes non-weather related data to try to figure out if it's currently raining and generates its prediction in text over a picture of Karen Smith from Mean Girls.
- A band of fools that create musical charts (histograms, maps, etc.) as stupidly hard to play instruments
- A script that automates your Reddit or Facebook browsing for you
- Local municipality fan fiction

If you have any questions, please comment below, send me a message, or email me at [masked]

Hope to see you there!