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What we’re about

The primary purposes of this group are: 1) to promote a local, friendly, helpful community of photographers of all skill levels and both sexes who love to photograph history's Number One subject: the adult human female form, God's finest creation; 2) promote and help amateur models who are considering making model a serious pursuit and perhaps their career; 3) establish a safe, attractive place where serious traveling and local professional fine art models can pose for creative photographers in a professional atmosphere, enjoy themselves, give photographers an opportunity to photograph them well and give them an opportunity to earn decent compensation; 4) create frequent opportunities for models and photographers to interact in a lovely private area, collaborate, exchange ideas, and create photographic art of the female face and form worthy of critical acclaim; 5) promote meaningful creative growth challenges and opportunities for each member; and 6) I want to meet and become friends with fellow creatives, namely, photographers and models.