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Hello from CJ, While I am less active in my group. I admonish other teachers here to teach from DESIRE TO LIFT THE WORLD TO BETTER JOY AND KNOWLEDGE. Focus on this and all else will attract!
Members can contact me if this does not seem the case.

Law of attraction is, in reality, a psychological mindset that draws the world to you. The mindset is achieved by choosing to believe in the most powerful parts of yourself as well as your ability to see the greatness within everyone you encounter.

It is derived from an understanding that your are not the negative feelings that dwell within you. The viewpoint of power is to understand that most of these negative viewpoints were given to you by others (sometimes even parental type figures) who accepted their own limitations and believed their own negative views about themselves. And then unknowingly transmuted those limiting, feeling, beliefs down through the generations.

You can start today to become the most powerful version of YOU by seeing the negative voices within you as injured children that YOU have chosen to adopt. This means that STARTING TODAY, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR FUTURE! YOU CREATE YOUR OWN NEW STORY. YOU LEAD THE INJURED CHILDREN OUT OF WEAKNESS AND SADNESS AND INTO A BEAUTIFUL AND JOYFUL FUTURE. TODAY YOU BECOME THE HEALER! and no longer the victim.

Everything has to do with how you FEEL about YOU and OTHERS. There is great power and beauty to be seen within everyone, including yourself! When you see this beauty within yourself and others. Whether they be customers or friends or whomever, then you begin to see what law of attraction is truly about. It is that people are attracted to those who value others as well as value themselves. But if this is not accomplished on a feeling level, which includes joy, compassion, belief in greatness - to name a few - then Law of Attraction will not take affect.

For FEELING is the fuel that empowers the process! This is why we must focus on the thoughts that bring us the greatest degrees of JOY.

Does this mean you should walk around with fake smiles, while feeling so-so inside. Absolutely not. But we should find the real reasons which are all around us to feel real joy. It is a process and not a magic pill.

Should we feel like we are less than others when we are not feeling joyful inside. No. In those moments we show compassion to the injured children within, whom are ACTUALLY feeling this way (they are the ghosts from our past, rather than the actual ME). Do you see this difference? Before you said "I feel this way" and by that statement you felt worse, weaker, less empowered, and moved further from joy. But now by the incredible power of your own thoughts you have simply changed the sentence into "I, the great healer, am here for you the injured child within." You have made a CHOICE to be the hero rather than the victim. And by that one thought choice, you have moved yourself closer to joy, further from pain, weakness, and sadness.

These are some beginning thoughts about what Law of Attraction is truly about. Not so much the universe answering you desires. But instead YOU becoming master of your life by participating in true love of self and world, by becoming admired by self and world. And if you are in business, they will buy from whom they admire and respect and by who they feel the best around.

Visualizations, vision boards, and everything else you have heard about are all simply part of the process of breaking you through your own self limiting beliefs and toward full power over your life.

What I share with you here are just some of what I have come to understand about the incredibly powerful Laws of Attraction. Which go hand in hand with what I call the "Laws of Abundance".

Welcome to our meetup. -CJ

PS .. If you know a great teacher that would like to run some meetups then let me know by clicking my name on the left side of this page. I am seeking out teachers who truly want to inspire others toward more joy, success, and happiness. Thanks!

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