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BASE and Book Seminars with Lunch!
Spend time with Author, Founder, Therapist and Activist, Matthew Winfield to gain insight into his book, the movement that is Secular Energeticism, and, of course, our selves! Sometimes, hearing the explanations directly from the author can greatly accelerate understanding. Come and get ahead of the game! Every Sunday we will do a seminar session with an hour in between for lunch that will be provided. We have the B.A.S.E. Series which delves into belief systems, Atheism, and Secular Energeticism, and we have The Book Series which moves to explain each chapter of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness and associate understandings to everyday life. Each session is presented as two 2 hour segments, separated by an hour lunch. Each Seminar session is $50 per person. I will also have some free SEG swag for you, and discounted copies of the book. These are exciting times and will remain so for the next few hundred years. The human race is changing their mind and we are catalysts among many others. Pre-paid reservations are recommended but not required. Call us to reserve your spot at[masked]

Longshot Restaurant & Lounge

3665 S Federal Blvd · Sheridan


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Welcome to Secular Energeticists Global!

Secular Energeticism is a revolutionary perspective promoted by Secular Energeticists Global and outlined within the pages of Matthew 10:10 Travels of an Awareness. For more information please visit our website

As primary organizer, Matthew Winfield operates out of Colorado and assigns co-organizers to schedule events and meetups anywhere in the world. If you would like to run your own SE meetup group, please contact us to make arrangements. We offer this service at no charge. We survive on sales and donations.

200,000 years of ambiguity in understanding the simplicity of existence has come to an end. The Energeticists' perspective is this understanding. We meet to be reminded of the fundamentals of existence that we've not, historically, had access to. We meet to know that we're not alone, and for support. We meet to plan and grow. After 200K years, we knowingly meet as Energy aware of itself. It is simpler than it sounds. Some might say, too simple. If you exist, and you just read that, then you should join. Welcome to Secular Energeticism!

Note: The full book is available in audio on YouTube (!

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