Security Espresso 0x1e


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Security enthusiasts, unite!

CTF season is upon us!

The DefCamp CTF qualifiers are coming up, and we figured this is the perfect time to invite speakers to share CTF challenges that they have created. We're going to cover non-web challenges in this edition, so set Burp aside and get ready to go down rabbit holes that don't respond to GET requests.

Here's our agenda for the evening:

19:00 → 19:45
Ciprian Bejean - Brace yourselves… CTF is coming

Cip is the mastermind behind the DefCamp SecureWorks and Crowdstrike CTFs. You might remember him as the jovial fellow whom you were asking for hints, only to be met with a Cheshire Cat grin. The challenges he creates can be called many things, but "boring" isn't on that list.

19:45 → 20:00

20:00 → 20:45
Lucian Nițescu - Mysterious flags and where to find them

Lucian's hand-crafted, organic, grass-fed CTF challenges have stumps D-CTF and ECSC players alike. He's got a penchant for misusing programming languages and libraries.

20:45 → ∞