What we're about


- People know the REAL you.
- Your insecurities disappear.
- People are eager to find their blockages.
- People are inspired by your evolution.
- Others support you in taking action to get outside of
your comfort zone.


Meetup Events are fun, dynamic, and an engaging NEW way to connect with others and yourself in San Diego!

No more awkward gatherings where you show up, and don't know what to talk about.

Discover others while DISCOVERING YOURSELF!

Lets cut to the chase! When meeting new people, we want to instantly CONNECT with those around us. We want to know who someone is outside of the work title, and get inside their world.

For the past year and a half Linda has been facilitating SEEN Sessions and events for people looking to connect with others in an authentic way while discovering themselves in the process. This unique experience allows people to look within, connect to topics ranging from their insecurities to their dreams, all while uncovering ways to have a breakthrough. These sessions have experientially allowed participants to discover themselves and their peers through activities, coaching, and connection in a way that is captivating and fun.

'SEEN Sessions' By Seen in the Park® visit http://www.seeninthepark.com for more details on what Seen in the Park is, the types of questions that are being asked, and what an event looks like.

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Community Scavenger Hunt

Balboa Park

Picnic With A Purpose... Authentic Relating

Balboa Park

Group Coaching

Balboa Park

Meaningful Conversations!

Balboa Park

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