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This is a group for anyone interested in Video Games, Board Games, Magic The Gathering, Arts and Crafts, Movies and Karaoke. I have a venue called See-Scape that I run, it's a Sci-fi themed venue, we throw many events. I love gaming and have days that I don't do any events at all so I figure why not get people together and just have some fun? Meet other people in the community get some games going, this space is more of a community space after all. We can meet once a week and learn a new board game, I have the perfect person to explain how to play board games too! I'm also really into fighting games specifically Tekken, so if you're a Tekken fan I'll make a date specifically for Tekken as I know we can get loud. As well as Magic the Gathering Players, if you play Magic, let's meet up and we can even play in teams! We can do many different events, I always wanted to do an all female nights too, for fighting games, I feel like we need something like this. If anyone is down to work with me, please feel free to shoot me a message.


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