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Swords in the Park! Sparring Classes.

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Swords in the Park! Sparring Classes.


This is an ongoing class to teach sparring. Join a bunch of folks and swing a sword outdoors. It's fun! Beginners and experienced welcome.

You will learn stances, footwork, blocks and strikes. Then try it out with other people! Totally safe, with a huge focus on control and technique, plus it's a great workout. Build on previous lessons. Come for one day or come for a bunch.

Location: ​
Campbell Community Center
1 W Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

NOTE: We will be on the grass right next to Campbell Ave, in front of the main buildings. Look for trees, a fountain, and a sandwich board sign that says "Japanese Sword". There is a large parking lot off of Campbell Ave.

All you need to bring are loose fitting clothes and good shoes. Padded swords will be used for actual sparring, and wooden ones for learning technique. Buying your own equipment is recommended but not needed when you start.

This event is part of the Seibu Ryu School of Japanese Sword that teaches traditional Japanese sword arts.
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Seibu Ryu Japanese Sword Practice
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