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What we’re about

A Space to Breathe

Finding and maintaining balance in these times of chaos can be a challenge. Learning how chaos affects us and what we can do about it can enrich our lives, enhance flow and help us to feel more in control.

A Space To Breathe is a friendly, warm and accepting Selfcare Group.

My name is Shema Lyons the creator of "A Space to Breathe"
I will provide a supportive, safe space where you can be YOU.

My mission is to support you in your healing needs, to create a safe and comfortable space. 
I created this group to help myself and others maintain Selfcare, during any obstacle in life. Whether you have experienced loss, or if you feel like you lost yourself, Selfcare is how you take your power back.

There are so many people dealing with these issues, and you will never know because we think we have to be strong all the time. We will discuss grief, current events, family, and so many more topics.

***This is a peer support group, not a professional-therapy group. ***

I will work hard to foster a space for a non-judgmental peer support group while actively valuing your thoughts and feelings. I will provide free resources when I’m able, put together in person meetups, host wellness retreats and so much more.

❤️ I am looking forward to growing this group, learning, healing and meeting new people, let the healing begin!!! ❤️