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What we’re about

The scope of this group is Personal and Spiritual Growth, founded on Christian Principles. Self-Esteem And Me is a Christ-Centered Workshop with a focus on developing healthy self-esteem, and emotional & mental wellness. This workshp includes teachings on what self-esteem is, the importance of healthy self-esteem, why self-esteem is needed, how self-esteem evolves, and how to create new self-empowering beliefs to develop healthy self-esteem. This is a real learning group for women and men, based on Christian Principles. Do you desire to have healthy self-esteem so that you can transform the quality of life that you are experiencing? Do you desire to expand the possibilities life holds for you?  Do you desire to be more confident, and to discover your strengths and purpose for living?  In this Meetup, you will learn how to develop healthy self-esteem, and discover empowering beliefs that serve you, and enable you to conqueror your thought life--for this is where the everyday battles of life are won or lost--in our thinking. We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but we can control our response to the things that happen to us You will learn techniques and strategies and be provided with tools you can use to develop healthy self-esteem, handle your emotions more effectively, overcome limiting beliefs; so you can grow and be the best person you can be, discover your purpose, and live a more fulfilling and productive life. 

I am a Certified Trainer & Facilitator, Writer, Author, Evangelist and Menntal Wellness Coach. I have a BA in Psychology and Christianity. 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed counselor, and I do not provide any psychological counseling, advice or therapy, and my teaching is not intended to be taken as such. My teaching is based lived experience, experiential learning, academic knowledge, and research.